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Faithful companions and helpers for your baby: dummy chains

In the first years of life babies cannot be separated from their soothers. A small world comes to an end when the pacifier falls off. Tears roll down the cheeks of your treasure. In the worst case, you are on the road and have no replacement at hand... Every well-planned trip, no matter how relaxed it is, becomes stressful! Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem: Dummychains save every dummy and help to avoid the end of the world. Thanks to the dummy chain, the dummy can't fall down at all, but is always close to the baby. Unless the baby lands on the floor... Giving away peace and happiness is easy with our dummy chains! Every single pearl on our dummy chains is strung by us for every baby with great care. True to the motto: "Made by hand with love". Attach the dummy chains on one side with the practical clip to the baby's clothes and the pacifier on the other. Against the fact that the pacifier falls out of the baby's mouth, no herb has grown yet, but with the dummy chain it is still attached to the baby. The soother no longer lands on the floor - this makes the dummy chains indispensable helpers from a hygienic point of view as well. Many babies also learn to grip their dummy chains and get their pacifier back themselves. In this way, dummy chains train your baby's motor skills while you're at it. Our customisable dummy chains are not only a nice gift, but also very practical and useful.

The dummy chains in our range

Our range includes these different compositions of dummy chains made of wood, silicone or a combination of both materials: - Silicone dummy chains with animal beads in blue, pink and mint - Made of silicone and wood: dummy chains with bells in blue, pink and mint - Made of wood: dummy chains with crochet bead in blue, pink, mint, grey, nature and purple - Made of wood: dummy chains with little feet and heart beads in blue, pink, mint, grey, nature and purple - Made of wood: dummy chains with star and heart beads in blue, pink, mint, grey, nature and purple Our sweet dummy chains always provide the "aw" factor! Believe your eyes and look at our pictures! For each of our dummy chains the motto is: "Made by hand with love". We thread each bead especially for your baby! The dummy chains are delivered with a silicone ring. Baby soothers without holding ring can be attached to the dummy chains The handmade dummy chains are only ready when they have been personalized with the baby's name. So individual and personal, they are twice as sweet as off-the-shelf dummy chains don't even cost more. A small side effect: If the dummy chains do fall off for some reason, the finder can bring the found nugget back to the baby faster, because it says who it belongs to :-)

Only the best for your baby

Which material is best suited for a dummy chain? We have chosen wood and silicone, two extremely hygienic materials that are not harmful to health, because we only use the best materials in our range. Small children put everything in their mouths, so our dummy chains are not harmful to small children, are free of harmful substances and are gentle on first teeth. The silicone dummy chains can be boiled without hesitation, because silicone is very heat resistant. It is the same material from which many soothers are made because it is odourless, tasteless and does not release any harmful substances. Unlike many other plastic products, silicone does not contain any dangerous softeners, which makes it an ideal material for baby clothes. Wood is also environmentally friendly because it is a renewable resource. Which material is more suitable for your baby's needs? Silicone is very practical and easy to maintain; wood is of natural origin and saliva-proof. When choosing your dummy chain, you can choose one of the materials according to your own ideas and values or you can opt for a mixed version. All our silicone products comply with the legal conditions of the LFGB and DIN-EN 71-3. Wood products are free of any harmful substances and plastics due to their natural origin and comply with the legal conditions of DIN-EN 71-3. Care instructions are included with every dummy chain order.