Cuddly baby blankets

In the past, having your own baby blanket was something very special. Handmade with much love, the personal cuddly blanket accompanied a child for a long time and was often kept for a long time as a souvenir. In some cases until the first own child. Even today you can make a baby blanket with your name, our personalization, a unique baby gift that will give pleasure for a long time. Therefore, our blankets with name are an excellent birth or christening gift that will bring a lot of joy to parents and baby. Our blankets with name are a faithful companion for your child, which will give just as much joy as a homemade baby blanket. They keep your greatest treasure warm and secure, protect from draughts and cold. Every child needs several blankets!

Convey a sense of security

It's no coincidence that our "Baby blankets by name" category contains some of our most popular items. The reason is simple: a baby blanket with a name is a wonderful way to literally give warmth and security, to show that you love the new addition to your family. A baby blanket is essential for every baby and many new-born babies are given one at birth. You can hardly have too many: a blanket for the bed, a blanket for the sofa, a blanket for the car, the stroller... The possibilities are endless. Not always having to look for a baby blanket relieves young parents enormously. Baby blankets are therefore original and very useful gifts, even if you do not know what to give. Your gift blanket becomes an eye-catcher when you add a personal embroidery. After you have chosen the colour and font when personalising your baby blanket with names, you can personalise the blanket with a text of your choice, for example your baby's name or date of birth. In our assortment you will find various personalised baby blankets with names.

All our name blankets have a calming design and are soft and cuddly

Every child will be happy about a blanket with a name! Our cuddly blankets with names are so soft and pleasant because they are made of warm fleece, cotton or high-quality, cuddly Minky plush. Up to two lines of personalisation text can be placed on baby blankets with names. Whether on one or two lines of text: Add your own personalised name to your blanket with your baby's name. Of course, our cuddly blankets with names are not only pretty to look at and are perfect for wrapping new born babies or toddlers, so that their darling never freezes and feels safe at all times, even when your darling is not sleeping on daddy's tummy. (Let's face it, nothing beats daddy's tummy as a bed :-). The baby blanket with a name also turns the cot or pram into a canopy bed. The cute blankets made of textured Minky plush, which is interesting for babies to touch, are available either in two colours or with a back printed with cute owls. The knitted blanket, stars and the line blanket, stars beige show everyone who is the star. For those who prefer it simple, we have both a white knitted blanket and a white fleece blanket. No matter which blanket with your name on it: we will send it in our beautiful gift box. If you also personalize other items with the same name as your baby blanket with name, they will be sent in the same gift box. Our blankets with name are also available in gift boxes that we have put together for you, for example with baby shoes, dummy chains or blankets with name and personalised soft toy. A highlight among our baby blankets with names is our wrap blanket, grey-mint, which is especially cuddly around your treasure and looks incredibly cute at the same time.

Materials for cuddly blankets with names

For our baby blankets with names we have selected only the best materials. Our cute, ultra-soft minky plush blankets and warm fleece blankets are made of easy-care polyester, while our knitted blankets are made of 100% cotton that meets the STANDARD 100 of OEKO-TEX®. In terms of quality, we set the highest standards for our cuddly blankets with names, so that we can offer your child only the best baby blankets and cuddly blankets.