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Living on little feet

Babies and toddlers have sensitive feet that must be protected without restricting their mobility. It may be a while before the first attempts at walking are made, but the protection of the little limbs should not be forgotten from birth onwards, so that the baby does not injure itself when kicking and crawling. Pre-walkers Thanks to personalisation, ordinary pre-walkers can be transformed into unique birth gifts and keepsakes that are guaranteed to delight you. Whether for the birth, the christening or the first birthday, personalised pre-walkers are a great gift for babies of all ages. With a name embroidery, the personalised pre-walkers become a fashionable accessory and an eye-catcher with that special something. pre-walker shoes can witness the baby's first step. During the first two years, the pre-walkers literally accompany the baby at every turn. The first pre-walkers are often kept as a souvenir. Just like little baby fingers, crawling shoes provide the "aww " effect even when they are no longer in use. So it's all the better, if the crawling shoes are personalised and individual.

Our assortment of personalised pre-walkers

The loving embroidery makes the pre-walkers very exclusive baby gifts. In this context we always recommend our baby knitwear. Choose the matching personalised pre-walkers according to your taste. We do not only personalise pre-walkers in classic colours such as pink, blue and white, but we can also make a more unusual gift with green or red personalised pre-walkers. Tiny personalised pre-walkers, which look like sporty sneakers, are also part of our range. If you are not yet sure which shoe model you would like to have personalised as a toddler shoe, take a look at these two popular options for personalised toddler shoes: pink personalised pre-walkers for girls and dark blue personalised pre-walkers for boys. For girls we also have personalised little pre-walkers in jeans with rhinestones. The pre-walkers personalised with paw prints are especially cute and also suitable for boys. You will find gender-neutral options for pre-walkers as well as the classic baby colours. Very practical: In order to support your baby's first walking attempts optimally, we also have pre-walkers with non-slip print! You can also choose from a wide range of colours for embroidering the personalised pre-walkers: from white to purple and red, everything is included. We also offer 5 different fonts for your personalised pre-walkers gift. Thanks to our preview function you have the possibility to see if the colour as well as the font will fit your personalised pre-walkers or if you prefer to choose another colour for the personalisation. We personalise the pre-walkers with one line of embroidery. Most of our crawling shoes are made of cotton and are OEKO-TEX certified or polyester. This means that our crawling shoes are not only comfortable for the babies, but also make the parents feel good, because they know that they have only the best for their little ones.

Personalised and individualised pre-walkers

Pre-walkers are a suitable and welcome gift for every occasion. Personalised pre-walkers are a unique birth gift for babies, but pre-walkers can also be personalised for a christening or first birthday. In our shop you will find not only individual pre-walkers but also pre-walkers gift sets with either blankets or rompers and caps (in the rompers section). Our personalised crawling shoes are also perfect to complement other sets. Didn't you find the right gift set with pre-walkers among the options we have carefully selected? You are also welcome to put together your own personalised gift set with pre-walkers. All items, including pre-walkers personalised with the same name, are then sent together in a beautiful gift box. Our personalised toddler shoes are ideal for all smaller and bigger adventures. Together with our personalised rompers, our pre-walkers make an excellent discovery set. Thanks to our personalised pre-walkers only the playpen should stop your baby!