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Always well dressed: Festive fashion for babies

Baby clothes and festive fashion for babies for big events like christenings, weddings or confirmations are always a challenge. What festive clothes should they dress your child in? Is it worthwhile to buy your baby different festive fashion for every occasion? Petit Année has a selection of festive clothes to suit every occasion. Festive fashion should not only look beautiful, but also be comfortable. Events of this kind usually last for more than an hour and your darling must still feel comfortable in its festive clothes even after a long time, otherwise the occasion will not be festive for long. Your baby could become restless if the festive clothing is not comfortable. During a celebration, many new impressions will rain down on your precious: The unfamiliar surroundings, new colours, shapes, faces, many people who want to greet and play with him... A baby has a lot of action. Even after three or four hours in the stroller, your baby still has to cut a good figure. Our festive fashion makes long, festive walks with your baby easier. The warm blankets that go with our festive fashion help to make your baby feel safe and secure and keep her warm at all times, even when it gets a little cooler. Our festive clothing will help to ensure that your event remains relaxed for everyone involved! Especially for babies, we have developed a range of festive fashion that is not only simple and uncomplicated, but also dresses your baby elegantly and festively for every occasion. Our satin shoes offer absolute wearing comfort and through the noble satin sheen the outfit of your darling may literally shine. The soft soles protect delicate baby feet, but do not restrict their mobility. The white shoes with the sweet embroidery are an absolute eye-catcher. The aim of our festive fashion is to show your baby from its most sugary side and at the same time to be very comfortable for your gold treasure, so that your baby in its festive clothes is always the star of every celebration. White is the colour of purity and innocence. As your treasure is at the beginning of his life and is a blank sheet, it suits him very well and may be shown on more formal occasions even with our festive fashion. There is hardly a better way to make your baby look festive than in white, which is why traditional christening robes also have this colour. White suits every baby! Our festive fashion with its noble but simple design proves that less is sometimes more. Our tip for festive fashion is our set of satin lace-up shoes, hat and blanket, white with icon. It contains everything you need to complete your christening robe: festive shoes, a noble blanket and a chic cap to keep your baby warm in the cold church, so you can celebrate a relaxed christening while your sweetheart is at ease. The personalised white fleece blanket is one of our most popular items. It is unbeatably cuddly and the embroidery, with which you can embroider names and baptism date, for example, makes it an eye-catcher and a valuable souvenir.

Gold for your gold treasure

The highlight of our festive fashion is the golden personalization - simply uniquely glamorous. Our simple but noble festive fashion becomes an absolute eye-catcher through the golden embroidery - your baby deserves to be dressed in beautiful clothes for a special occasion just like you. At Christmas, birthdays, Easter, your own christening and family celebrations it may be a little more festive clothing. But what do you put on your child as festive clothes when he or she is too small to stand up for himself or herself? Which festive clothes are comfortable for your baby to wear and look great even if your baby has turned several times in the pram or is handed from hand to hand? We have asked ourselves all these questions for our festive fashion, so our festive clothes are the answer to all these questions. Many occasions take place outside the home, which is why our festive fashion sets always include a warm, pretty blanket or a chic cap! After all, your darling should be comfortable and warm in his festive clothes during the christening ceremony! Every woman knows that you need the right shoes for every outfit. That's why our festive fashion includes little baby booties in every set. The pretty, white satin shoes are perfect for the festive fashion. Babies don't have to look like little grown-ups if they want to be chic. Your baby can also be a baby in its festive clothes, with our noble and fashionable bodysuits and rompers. Our festive fashion is incredibly cute a “aw”-effect guarantee!

Individually tailored to each baby

Fashionable, high quality and functional - our festive fashion scores very well in every category! Good quality does not have to be expensive: Our personalised, festive clothing is extremely affordable. Our festive fashion is made of 100% cotton and is OEKO-TEX certified. Our 5-piece christening set for example. It consists of a wrap body, a white cap, trousers with little feet, our satin shoes and a fluffy soft fleece blanket in elegant white. In addition to the name embroidery, the festive clothing can be personalised with a small icon to give it an even more special touch. Choose the size of the festive clothes and baby shoes, color and font of the embroidery and choose your desired icon and you will have created your individual baby gift with festive fashion! For the embroidery on the festive fashion different colors and several fonts. The christening blankets, which are part of our festive fashion, can even be embroidered with up to 20 characters. Special and individual baby gifts are easy to create with us. Thanks to our practical preview function, you can see in advance what your design will look like on the festive fashion. So when you order, you can be sure that your baby's festive fashion is exactly what you want. If you haven't found the right set of festive clothes, simply put together your own personal set of festive fashion. It's that simple: Personalise two or more items with the same name and we'll ship them all in the same gift box - at no extra charge.