How your baby never goes out of fashion - Baby fashion from Petite Année

Personalised baby fashion is an original and personal gift for every occasion! You don't know what to give for the next birth, the next christening or the next babyshower? Give a gift of personalised baby wear. Baby clothes are useful, universal and indispensable! Personalised baby clothes are a beautiful, useful gift that always fits. Because we have personalized baby clothes in different sizes, it is a gift that can be given over and over again. Children grow incredibly fast, so they need different personalized baby clothes. Baby fashion - baby clothes personalized with embroidered child's name - makes baby clothes a special keepsake. We offer everything that newborns and parents need: Baby fashion cap, long-sleeved body, summer rompers and many other articles that can be personalized with embroidered names. We offer a wide range of exclusive, high-quality and personalized baby clothes as gifts - everything your heart desires. A baby needs baby clothes right after birth. Baby clothes offer protection from cold or draughts, to which newborn babies react very sensitively. In the first few months, our personalised baby clothing, such as sleepsuits and rompers, is particularly suitable, as there is no need to pull these baby clothes over your head. We also have baby clothes for older babies. For every season we have personalized baby clothes for you. The warm months will not be too hot with our short rompers, for the cold days we have warm fleece and knitted sweaters. The baby clothing personalizes the style of your child.

Baby fashion that always fits

Due to their perfect fit, our personalised baby clothing is ideal for wonderful comfort. Our baby clothes will ensure great memories long after the birth. If the baby clothing is personalised, it will evoke many joyful emotions. Our baby clothing is made of 100% cotton and meets the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. We have personalised the highest standards for our baby clothing, so we can offer you personalised baby clothing of the best quality. We offer personalised baby clothing for girls and boys in pink and light blue and gender-neutral baby clothing in a variety of other colours. Children love bright and cheerful colours in their baby clothes and develop their own taste for personalised baby clothes at an early age. From cute fleece overalls with hoods, to indispensable rompers, sweaters, jackets and festive fashion, e.g. for christenings, you will find everything here. Whether body or pyjamas, our baby clothes are used every day. By your individual personalization you create a unique baby fashion and the perfect baby gift. Let yourself be inspired by our personalized baby clothing and look forward to the enthusiasm of the presentee! All our gifts, including our personalized baby clothes, are sent in our beautiful gift box. If you order two or more items with the same name, they will automatically be packed together in a large gift box.

Limited Editions for Babywear

We do not sell baby clothes off the rack! While other children always look the same, your baby can be personalized and individual with our baby clothes. You can also choose from our limited editions, hand-sewn series in small quantities by swiss designers, which, when personalized, will make a very special and unique gift for your baby. Baby fashion at its best! For these limited series of baby clothes, the message is: First come, first served.